Storytelling & Writing

Clients engage us to do research and evidence-based writing on chronic disease management, with an emphasis on autoimmune disease and digital health. We transform complex jumbles of ideas into easy-to-remember stories with visual flair.

Our storytelling spans many platforms to encompass all things autoimmune:

White Papers: Custom research-based white papers that showcase new ideas, technology, products, or services. Our work is visually appealing, easy to read, and annotated with references throughout.

Blog Posts: Range from emotionally charged patient stories, to reviews of new technology, to scientific autoimmune & microbiome research, and more.

Visual Scientific Bibliographies: Uniquely curated compilation of resources in an aesthetically appealing format.

Other storytelling platforms include online summits, webinars, podcasts, and Facebook live videos.

Explore an organized archive of our existing publications here.