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The Power of Personalized Coaching

Having a chronic disease does not mean that we are powerless in achieving our best states of health. In fact, maximizing our personal well-being may be well within our control! More resources are becoming available to help patients overcome their chronic symptoms. One of these valuable resources is Vida’s personalized coaching platform - an app… Continue reading The Power of Personalized Coaching

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Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss at #MedX 2015

[View the story “ Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss at Stanford MedX 2015”]

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Some Men Suffer Silently

[Will on the far right] I had never heard of psoriasis previous to my diagnosis. I had no indication of the coming onset of my autoimmune disease. However, my mother is diagnosed with mild Crohn’s Disease, and I had digestion issues as a child, so there was concern as to this being an issue. My grandfather also has mild psoriasis that I… Continue reading Some Men Suffer Silently

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Hope for the Future of Autoimmune Diseases

How would you feel if, after years of searching for a diagnosis, you finally found out you have an autoimmune disease, and then you realized that your doctors will have to experiment on you to find the right treatment? That’s the state of the art today in autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s, Lupus, and MS. At… Continue reading Hope for the Future of Autoimmune Diseases

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Angelina Jolie and Genetic Testing

Angelina Jolie has been the subject of recent news because she had a preventative double mastectomy. After watching several members of her family battle cancer - Jolie's mother died from ovarian cancer and her aunt from breast cancer - Jolie decided to take a genetic test for breast cancer. The test indicated that she has the abnormal BRCA1… Continue reading Angelina Jolie and Genetic Testing