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Part 2: Seqster Creates Personal Health Record for Autoimmune Patients

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, and Hailey Motooka For many years I have seen countless doctors and specialists—one of the many collateral effects of living with an autoimmune disease. Symptoms of autoimmune diseases can vary significantly between individuals, depending upon genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors. Thus, diagnosing an autoimmune disease takes, on average, 4.6… Continue reading Part 2: Seqster Creates Personal Health Record for Autoimmune Patients

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23andMe Genetic Testing

“So much of growing and learning about what works best for you and your body is just trial and error, experimenting. Like many of you, our team has tried a multitude of different testing companies, products and supplements. Although everyone has their own journey and is entirely unique, we hope these product testimonials are useful… Continue reading 23andMe Genetic Testing

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Spotlight on Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis

“I think the idea of improving patient care for those with autoimmune diseases is incredibly important,” - anonymous patient participant in our “Autoimmunity Voices” survey. Our survey of autoimmune patients’ experiences revealed a common theme: the need to improve patient care. As Your Autoimmunity Connection, we share this same goal. Patient care does not just… Continue reading Spotlight on Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis

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Your Autoimmunity Connection Newsletter

As a chronic disease patient, my dream is of a world where it doesn't take an average of three years and five doctors for patients to get a diagnosis for their autoimmune disease. Some 117 million people, or about half of all US adults, are living with one or more chronic health conditions, and many of them… Continue reading Your Autoimmunity Connection Newsletter

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The Power of Personalized Coaching

Having a chronic disease does not mean that we are powerless in achieving our best states of health. In fact, maximizing our personal well-being may be well within our control! More resources are becoming available to help patients overcome their chronic symptoms. One of these valuable resources is Vida’s personalized coaching platform - an app… Continue reading The Power of Personalized Coaching

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The Role of Big Data Personalizing the Healthcare Experience: Genomics Part I

  Genomics is making headlines in both academia and the celebrity world.  With intense media coverage of Angelina Jolie’s recent double mastectomy after genetic tests revealed that she was predisposed to breast cancer, genetic testing and genomics have been propelled to the front of many more minds. In this new data field, companies are approaching, collecting, analyzing… Continue reading The Role of Big Data Personalizing the Healthcare Experience: Genomics Part I