A Patient Journey Solution (Part 3): Digitally Enabled V1C
A solution to convoluted autoimmune patient journeys?

Digitally enabled, virtual first care (V1C) offers a potential solution to convoluted autoimmune patient journeys. V1C especially offers significant advantages for autoimmune and inflammatory disease (AIID) patients in accessing specialized care. Virtual specialist practices get patients to a rheumatologist or gastroenterologist much faster (days rather than months) and with less

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Bill Conlan & CrossBridge (Part 1)

Welcome to our B2B Thought Leadership series! We are delighted to start with a 2-part post from our interview with Bill Conlan, founder and CEO of CrossBridge. CrossBridge is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform using data analytics to bridge care coordination gaps between healthcare payers and specialty provider

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