The Future of Autoimmunity

What’s in store for autoimmunity?
How close are we to bridging the autoimmune abyss?
What happens now?

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The State of Autoimmunity 2016 – A Progress Report

The state of autoimmune disease research and care is very much like the state of cancer research and care 50 years ago. As the autoimmune disease burden exponentially increases, we could despair for the fate of more than 50 million autoimmune disease sufferers around the world. However, 2016 gave us a glimpse of hope for a bridge crossing the autoimmune abyss to empowered patients, individualized care, chronic disease management and even prevention.


When “Once Upon a Time” Gives Us More Than a Story
“Our brains are hard-wired for stories, it is the biggest neural pathway for having emotional, lasting, sticky experiences [that] connect with [a] story.” — Ed Saxon at the 8th Annual Body Computing Conference.

The reason we emphasize patient stories is because they are the number one place to start when tackling an abyss as big as the one autoimmunity presents us.


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