Visual Annotated Oral Microbiome Research Bibliography

The oral microbiome is becoming a front runner in scientific research. Given its complexity, understanding the existing findings and data can be confusing, so we’ve compiled our research into this easy to follow, visual, annotated bibliography!

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Hailey Motooka
Created by: Hailey Motooka

The oral microbiome is a galactic microcosm that is the gateway to the rest of the human body. It is complex and composed of habitats located in various regions such as the tongue, gums, teeth, saliva, and ear nose and throat.

Good oral health can be characterized by a balance between symbiotic bacterial communities and pathogenic bacterial communities. When the finely-tuned equilibrium of the oral ecosystem is disrupted, this results in dysbiosis, making the oral cavity more vulnerable to diseases such as dental caries and periodontal disease.

Drawing connections between oral microbial processes and disease pathologies can be as obscure as mapping out constellations in an infinite universe. But doing so will provide a more wholesome picture as to how the trillions of bacteria in our bodies can influence our health.

Below we have compiled our research into a visual, annotated bibliography. Now you can follow along on our oral microbiome exploration!


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