The Excitement of Being an Early Adaptor for Seqster

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, and Hailey Motooka

As the new year of 2019 begins, I find myself, like many other people, striving to stick to resolutions such as exercise and more importantly, organization. I decided to address my New Year goals by starting ambitiously and organizing my personal health record. The image below depicts my previous organization (or lack thereof) of all of the doctors’ notes, prescriptions, immunizations, lab results, etc. that I have received over the past couple of decades.


The thought of simply opening the drawer was intimidating enough to deter me from addressing the problem. Thankfully, I received some help from Seqster. Seqster combines multiple data types, such as electronic health record (EHR), genetic, and fitness data in one secure place, providing patients with a more comprehensive view of their health data.

In a previous post, I documented my initial experience using Seqster to connect my medical information on a personal health record.

Since then, Seqster continues to improve by inclusion of intermediary DNA processing platforms such as Promethease, continuous user interface (UI) improvements, and options to view doctors’ notes as well as medical information in two ways.

I have been an early adapter for Seqster for a couple of months now and have worked collaboratively with the team to not only organize my own personal health record, but also provide user input on how the platform can better assist the needs of autoimmune patients. In the early stages of using Seqster, I was slightly disappointed to see that I could not click on specific appointments to view the doctor’s notes during that particular appointment. Nor could I see what particular tests had been done during that appointment, since lab results were grouped independently from all doctor appointments.

I brought this issue to the attention of Seqster’s team, expecting it to be a shout into the void without any real results. To my surprise, Seqster responded immediately that this feature was on their roadmap and they accelerated the development after receiving my suggestion.  Within a couple of weeks, Seqster granted my wish like a genie. This is the third time I have made a request from Seqster and this is the third time my request has been fulfilled. Like a genie, their work is quite like magic. The only difference? I do not think that I am limited to three wishes and I am hoping to continue to provide insightful user input as Seqster continues to build and improve their platform.

Seqster’s medical data platform allows users to view information in a timeline fashion with a variety of filter combinations.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 11.23.34 am

This new update makes searching for specific information more streamlined. Also, by clicking on the “see details” button (image above) users can also look further into the doctor appointment to see what happened on that particular day.

Their high regard for user-testing and input makes me feel as if my voice matters. As an advocate for the autoimmune community, I am always on the lookout for new products and services that will benefit patients. I strongly feel that as Seqster continues to make future changes, including self-uploading health record files from functional medicine doctors, autoimmune patients will be able to relay their personal health records more effectively, helping doctors diagnose diseases more efficiently. 

#spoonies Have you ever been a user tester for an autoimmune related product or service?



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