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Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Kelsey Ouyang, Ellen M. Martin

With over 6000 attendees from across diverse sectors of healthcare, HLTH has emerged as a conference that features an impressive list of speakers along with a rich networking environment. I was delighted to be selected as a media representative for HLTH and attended the conference from October 27 to October 30.

Bringing my usual four lenses (market researcher, analyst, practitioner, and patient), I sought out innovative companies and ideas to share with our growing autoimmune communities. After interviewing many interesting people at this conference, I am creating a series of blog posts to share my opinions on cool people and up-and-coming products and services that offer potential to create personalized autoimmune care

To start this series, I interviewed Bill Snyder, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Vivante Health, about his experience at the 4-day conference and about his company. 

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For Bill, it wasn’t the bright lights of Las Vegas that caught his eye – it was the brilliant individuals and ideas that drew him to the conference.

“HLTH did a great job bringing in so many diverse viewpoints about the future of our industry. The atmosphere at HLTH provided the opportunity for thought leaders to openly discuss the many challenges and opportunities ahead. It serves as a great reminder that we should always be striving for new ways to improve the health of people everywhere.” – Bill Snyder

I certainly agree with Bill, who commented on how HLTH created a space in which individuals approaching the health industry from various angles could converse and exchange novel ideas.

These new ideas emerge with the potential to change the health landscape for the better. Therefore, the question posed by Bernard Tyson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, “How will history remember us?” was particularly fitting for this conference. Tyson’s session was a personal favorite for Bill, but he also took away many meaningful messages brought up by other speakers. Such speakers challenged companies such as Vivante Health to contemplate and reflect on their position and impact on the health industry.

Returning to the question of “How will history remember us?,” my team and I often think about how we can work with companies now to help future generations thrive. 

In our search for companies offering products and services that aligns with our mission, we were particularly thrilled to come across Vivante Health.

Thrive with Vivante

Vivante Health is an innovative digital healthcare company reinventing how to manage chronic diseases and conditions. They aim to use the best of technology to meet users where they are today. In other words, they know that each person is unique and requires support for both mind and body, in and out of provider appointments.

To realize this mission, they have created a cutting-edge gut health program called GIThrive®. It includes various components, including proprietary devices, nutrition plans, support tools, and educational information. GIThrive shows us how to approach care from more than one angle.

Our gut instincts tell us…

Vivante Health’s all-in-one digital gut health program, GIThrive, has the potential to make a difference for many individuals. 

With more than 70 million Americans who live with some sort of digestive disorder (twice the number of diabetes patients)1, we need fresh approaches to gut health that are less expensive, less confusing, and more effective in managing the unpredictable course of GI disease than the current system, with its generalized treatments, care coordination challenges, frustrated, suffering patients and growing costs.

GIThrive does just that–offering 8 components, it takes a multidisciplinary approach, using science and technology, to offer support and personalized medicine to improve overall quality of patient care.

Filling the Gaps

Together, these 8 components give users much-needed support between doctor visits. Backed by human care teams, educational resources and information, and 24/7 Gut-Side Assistance™, GIThrive ensures that their users are never alone in their health journeys. 

With features such as the GutCheck at-home microbiome test kit and the GIMate® breathalyzer device, Vivante Health puts scientific insight and health data right in its users hands, no lab visit required.  Not only does this empower better self-care, but it enables a truly personalized approach to better health and nutrition. Vivante Health understands that there are individual differences that must be recognized and accounted for–not only variation between patients with different diagnoses, but also subtle differences between people who have the same diagnosis, and even changes within individuals undergoing flares. GutCheck and GIMate® gather additional information from the patient that is integrated into the other components of the program to fine tune care plans to each individual.

Overall, this product features so many useful tools that permit patients to spend less time feeling sick and more time living life. It also produces significant cost savings for health plans and self-insured employers by closely monitoring patients and helping to reduce the number of costly doctor visits, drugs, tests, and surgeries. This is a win-win for both patients and payers.

Future of Vivante: More autoimmune diseases, please!

As the company continues innovating, Bill says Vivante Health wants to “first make sure we are doing right for the patients we are serving today.” They are still working on making improvements, such as ensuring that the GIMate is a reliable and accurate device and continually improving their user interface to make it not only useful be enjoyable and seamlessly integrated into their users’ daily lives. 

At Your Autoimmunity Connection, we believe that patients need better care collaboration and coordination, especially for those times between doctor visits.  We advocate that autoimmune patients seek the best of conventional, functional, and digital medicine. With this expanded and personalized toolkit, patients, even those with IBD, can maximize their well-being on any given day.  We like the way Vivante meets the needs of people struggling to manage their chronic GI diseases, and would love to see them expand their approach to other diseases and serve the needs of Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis patients.


  1. National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Opportunities and Challenges in Digestive Diseases Research: Recommendations of the National Commission on Digestive Diseases. Bethesda, MD: National Institutes of Health; 2009. NIH Publication 08–6514.

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