Exercise In Pandemic Lockdown!

Exercise classes have become indispensable parts of wellness and entertainment routines for millions of people. Social exercise activities are especially important for autoimmune patients. So, what do you do when the gym or studio is closed? This is the challenge that millions of us face: finding new ways of exercising

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How to Disinfect Groceries During COVID-19

Food handlers at grocery stores, meatpacking plants, fast food restaurants, and delivery services have tested positive for COVID-19.  This raises a concern that the virus is being passed on through food handling or other shoppers touching groceries during their shopping trips. It’s more important than ever that you know how

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COVID-19 vs. Flu Pandemic History

COVID-19’s rapid rates of infection, spread, hospitalization, and deaths make it different relative to recent pandemics It’s a new virus infecting a naive population, thus producing a steep (exponential) growth curve compared to all other 21st C pandemics. Some data issues make understanding past pandemic data and predicting the course of COVID-19 more difficult.

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