Four different expert perspectives help you understand the landscape and bridge the gaps that have impeded advances in chronic disease and (auto)immune care.


Industry View

Artboard – 4

  •  We understand venture capital, technology transfer, burn rate and limited budgets.
  • We can help you find unmet market needs to help build better clinical trials and find the surest path to market.
  • We are experienced in strategic positioning and tactical communications from company, agency and consulting perspectives.
  • We can show you how to integrate digital technologies into your communications, ride the hype cycle, and bridge gaps.



Analyst View

Artboard – 5

  • We understand financial markets, competitive landscapes & the hype cycle.
  • We know how regulation, reimbursement & pricing affect payer adoption, market share, profits & share value.
  • We have ridden the digital wave since the 1990s: Investor relations, Web content, the changing news landscape and social media.
  • We can help you reverse-engineer financial audiences to build sustainable & agile business models and    communicate market position and key messages.



Consumer/Patient View

Artboard – 6

  • We care about quality of life, feeling in control.
  • We need faster diagnoses, easy-to-follow regimens, and effective treatments with minimal side effects.
  • We are savvy with digital technology, the Internet and smart devices.
  • We worry about meeting the expense of non-standard treatments.
  • We want sympathetic practitioners & communities (open to alternatives, coordinated care, understand importance of lifestyle, diet and exercise).



Practice View

Artboard – 3

  • We are time-constrained yet want to keep up with rapidly changing knowledge.
  • We, like our patients, want faster & more accurate diagnoses, easier-to-match treatments to disease and patient, happier outcomes and lower costs.
  • We want to coordinate across isolated industry silos within and between organizations and integrate alternative/lifestyle approaches into patient care.
  • We need help navigating reimbursement, regulatory and technology mazes.