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As patients ourselves, we understand your daily struggles. Therefore, we provide you with curated evidence-based resources (blog posts, eBooks, custom presentations, research, and other publications) to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

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We provide patients with the best resources to achieve happier and healthier lives. That is why we offer free ebooks that are research-based, carefully curated, and cover a wide range of topics from oral health to food therapy, movement and more!

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We provide you with useful evidence-based information to help you take on the daily challenges of living with and managing chronic disease(s). You can start with our blog.

To access our researched content, we recommend you start by clicking on Resources. From there, you can choose to:

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As patient advocates, we understand the challenges of living with chronic disease(s). 

Therefore, we provide free information and tips that span a broad range of topics – oral health, lifestyle, movement therapy, nutrition, digital health, and autoimmune diseases. We use various formats such as ebooks, blog posts, and custom presentations to help make learning new information easy and fun.

If you take a quick scan of our content, you will see that we emphasize oral health. This is not only because DrBonnie was herself a practicing dentist, but also because recent research has shown that bacteria living in the mouth may play a role in the development of systemic diseases. From obesity to Alzheimer’s, the secondary effects of an imbalanced oral microbiome extend across the entire body–including systemic autoimmune diseases. Interested? Check out our blog posts and e-books for more information. If you’d like to learn more, please check out our oral microbiome ebook.

We define digital health as the application of digital technologies and tools to offer patients more precise and personalized care as well as to support healthcare delivery. Underlying all these applications is the rise of big data, machine learning and AI that is fueling a revolution in healthcare analytics. For patients interested in digital health, we present many examples of mobile apps and wearable tech for telemedicine, care coordination, and patient empowerment.