The Oral Microbiome Ebook
Exploring the Complexity of the Mouth

Dentistry: Expectation vs. Reality

During my days as a practicing dentist in the 80’s, most of the patients who walked through my door had looks of terror on their faces. Now, in 2020, not much has changed throughout dental practices–and it seems as though we are in desperate need of an update. Dentists are still the subject of nightmares, and many patients still view the mouth as a “gross” body part. While these perspectives are deeply ingrained in today’s expectations of the dental office, it turns out that oral bacteria has a large role on our bodies’ systemic health.

Introducing The Oral Microbiome Ebook

The oral cavity is home to some 700 different species of bacteria. New understanding of the oral microbiome shows that a balanced oral ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, and fungi is not only good for our mouths, but also our systemic health. For instance, recent research has linked imbalances of bacteria in the oral cavity to chronic diseases like cancer, autoimmune diseases, and even (possibly) Alzheimer’s disease.

Our new understanding of the oral microbiome’s role in bodily health is may be the key to better chronic disease prevention and symptom management; as we get to know our relationships with our microbes, we can begin to understand the lifestyle changes needed to achieve our optimal health. Explore what lifestyle modifications you can make by right here in our new oral microbiome ebook.

Download full ‘Exploring the Oral Microbiome’ ebook

In this ebook, we hope to explore:

  • What the oral microbiome is.
  • How bacterial imbalance leads oral diseases (ex. cavities).
  • Periodontal disease, a problem that extends far beyond the mouth.
  • The oral microbiome’s role in health and disease.
  • Ways you can maintain your microbial balance.


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