As a practicing dentist back in the 1980’s, I was feared by most of the patients who walked through my door. Now, in 2019, not much has changed.

Dentists are still feared by the public, and the mouth is still viewed as a ‘gross’ body part, despite its significance in overall body health.

Did you know…?

The oral cavity is home to some 700 different species of bacteria that contribute to one of the body’s most significant microbiomes. New understanding of the oral microbiome is showing that a balanced oral ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, and fungi is not only good for our mouths, but also our systemic health. Imbalances of bacteria in the oral cavity have been linked to chronic diseases such as heart and lung disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and even (possibly) Alzheimer’s disease.

The new understanding of the oral microbiome’s role in systemic health may be a key to better chronic disease prevention and symptom management through diet and lifestyle modifications. Get to know what lifestyle modifications you can make by checking out our new oral microbiome ebook.

Download full ‘Exploring the Oral Microbiome’ ebook

In this ebook, we hope to explore:

  • What exactly is the oral microbiome
  • How microbial imbalance leads oral diseases (ex. dental cavities)
  • Periodontal disease, a problem that extends far beyond the mouth
  • The oral microbiome’s role in health and disease
  • Ways to maintain microbial balance


  1. After spending a lot of time filling out the various forms l still don’t have the oral micro biome ebook in my sight! You sent me a movement book, but that’s all….very disappointing and waste of time? Dr. S. W. Lautensach

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