2nd AIRS International Conference on Genomics and Microbiomics

You’ve heard of the gut microbiome, but what about the oral microbiome? What goes on in your oral cavity has effects on your entire body. The mouth-body connection is little known, but critical to your overall health and well-being.

The oral microbiome is a dynamic ecosystem that is both a gateway and a mirror to the rest of the human body. For one thing, the oral cavity is comprised of millions of bacterial, fungal, and viral communities. It is in constant fluctuation between balance and imbalance of symbiotic (health-promoting) and pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria. Prolonged favoring of pathogenic bacteria in the oral microbiome can result in diseases like dental caries and gum disease.

Newest research connecting the oral microbiome to systemic diseases has shed new light on the importance of oral health. These diseases include heart and lung diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

Next, Dr. Bonnie is joining the 2nd AIRS International Conference on Genomics and Microbiomics in Barcelona to present new discoveries. Those discoveries in research, technology, and upcoming companies focus on bringing oral care to the forefront of health and well-being.

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In conclusion, check out our ebook on the oral microbiome. Get to know the microbes– how they interact, how they lead to disease, and how to keep them balanced through diet tips, right oral care products, and more!


Visual Annotated Oral Microbiome Research Bibliography from DrBonnie360

We have carefully curated a set of research on autoimmune and the microbiome presented in the form of a visual, annotated bibliography for you to explore.


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