2nd AIRS International Conference on Genomics and Microbiomics

You’ve heard of the gut microbiome, but what about the oral microbiome? What goes on in your oral cavity has effects on your entire body. The mouth-body connection is little known, but critical to your overall health and well-being.

Spotlight on Small Fiber Neuropathy

Small fiber Neuropathy is a disorder of the small, sensory cutaneous nerves characterized by severe pain attacks starting in the feet. Here DrBonnie360 deep dives into the details and intricacies of this condition, and delineates therapeutic options and supportive patient communities to help you conquer your own health journey.

7 Must Do’s with an Autoimmune Disease

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Becca Malizia, BS, Ellen M. Martin Did you know that it takes about 17 years for new scientific discoveries to be translated into mainstream conventional medicine (1)? While this doesn’t seem like a huge…

23andMe Genetic Testing

Your genes are an incredibly important and deterministic component of your entire existence. Though we understand the vital importance of genetics, we are only just beginning to comprehend the expansive magnitude to which your genes can affect your health. This is why 23andMe's genetic testing is so necessary and informative in navigating your health. Here Dr. Bonnie details her experience with 23andMe's extensive genetic library and testing services.

The Role of Big Data Personalizing the Healthcare Experience: Genomics

  Genomics is making headlines in both academia and the celebrity world.  When genetic tests revealed that Angelina Jolie was predisposed to breast cancer, intense media cover ensued. Since then, genetic testing and genomics have been propelled to the front of…

Seeing Inside the Chemical Reactions of Our Body

Three main components lead to a better understanding of disease mechanisms and subsequently creating more effective treatments; genes, proteins, and metabolites.  But what are metabolites and what role do they play in human disease? What are Metabolites? Metabolites are small…

The Other Human Genome – the Microbiome

Not all causes of disease can be explained by human genetics; there are trillions of bacteria in our bodies that can affect healthy gene expression and development - these bacteria are called microbes. Current statistics show that the number of…