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How To Use Food Therapy To Improve Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of healing and restoration for the body. Poor sleep affects all aspects of your daily life, and results in a less efficient and effective version of yourself. Food is another key player, but did you know that the two go hand in hand? Read here to see how you can use food to enhance your slumber.

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How to Naturally Improve Your Mood

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Anna Simon, BS, Ellen M. Martin Depressed mood is a common symptom of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Even healthy people may feel fluctuations in mood from factors such as hormones, life events, fatigue, and…

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DIY – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Sleep – Sleepio

As a teenager, I vividly remember my mother pacing the floors when she was unable to sleep. In fact, there she was, up and about, when I returned home late from a date. I never thought much about this at…

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Take Control of Your Own (Auto)Immune System

By: Tiffany Simms, Bonnie Feldman, Ellen M. Martin Autoimmunity is individually, statistically, institutionally invisible. Just reading the stats around autoimmune and chronic diseases could get you down in the dumps. Perhaps the worse part is that millions, probably billions, world-wide…

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Learning your #HacktoHeal at SXSW 2016

Why Should You Take Steps to be Healthy When you Already Feel Healthy? What is the Key to Healing? DrBonnie360, AutoimmuneMom, We Are Curious Inc., JIYO, and HopeLab come together to bring SXSW the secrets for your HacktoHeal [View the…

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Tinkering, Tracking, & Tweaking

Following Lilly’s Journey in discovering her autoimmune disease and struggling through diagnosis, she lends us her voice in experimental lifestyle modification and what could most help herself and the autoimmune community. –Have you seen both traditional medicine practitioners and/or integrative…