For over 30 years, I was an obedient physical therapy patient. I went to PT once a week, week after week, and never asked why I was not getting better. Every so often I changed physical therapists, hoping to notice progress and alleviate my chronic pain. But my symptoms never showed improvement.

Why did it take me 30 years to consider and discover that there are other approaches to movement therapy besides the traditional type of physical therapy prescribed to me by several different conventional doctors?

Lo and behold, I found there are many more options. Through trial and experimentation, I was able to find my best fit of movement therapies that effectively minimize my pain.

We hope this guide shortens your personal journey towards alleviating suffering and maximizing wellbeing, and opens both your mind and body to new types of movement therapies that may prove beneficial. May the following pages serve as a valuable reference for you on your journey towards restoring wellbeing.

  • Basic movement therapy options
  • Expectations of each movement therapy experience
  • Potential benefits and underlying research
  • How to best budget your time and money