Seed’s Synbiotic Capsule

With all of the biotic supplements on the market, it's easy to get lost in all of the vitamins, minerals, powders, probiotics, prebiotics, etc. Seed makes taking care of your microbiome simple and easy in a one-step synbiotic capsule. Here's what DrBonnie360 has to say after testing out the product for a month.

“So much of growing and learning about what works best for you and your body is just trial and error, experimenting. Like many of you, our team has tried a multitude of different testing companies, products and supplements. Although everyone has their own journey and is entirely unique, we hope these product testimonials are useful to you as you continue to try new things to optimize your health.” – DrBonnie360

What are Seed’s synbiotic capsules?

I took Seed’s synbiotic capsules for over a month. Seed offers a product that is a combined probiotic (beneficial microbes) and prebiotic (food for the microbes- made mostly of fibers). They offer two different options, based upon sex. They have included instructions and advise you to start with an introductory phase before progressing to more capsules.

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Source: Seed

The first week introductory phase was a bit rough for me. During that first week while taking one capsule I became very bloated and uncomfortable. I reached out to Seed on their Instagram and was pleasantly surprised when I got a quick response to my question about bloating. They informed me that yes, it was completely normal to have that reaction as my body was adjusting to the changing microbiota. There aren’t many companies that would take the time to respond to user questions as efficiently as Seed did. Because of their reassurance, I continued to take it and followed the progression to two pills for the remainder of the 6 weeks.

Although the full recommended ramp up is eventually to three capsules, I felt very good on two and continued that for the duration of the 6 weeks instead. Besides the bloating, which passed after one week, I did not get any other GI related symptoms. I felt great while taking Seed and even lost a little weight!

Becca Malizia, age 25 → lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive


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