Hyperbiotics’ Prebiotic Powder

Antibiotics and probiotics are common, household terms that we understand are necessary in maintaining our health. Prebiotics, however, are an emerging helath product that are necessary for promoting the health of our gut and microbiome. Hyperbiotic's Prebiotic Powder provides a simple and smooth product that allows you to fulfill your necessary prebiotic intake with ease.

“So much of growing and learning about what works best for you and your body is just trial and error, experimenting. Like many of you, our team has tried a multitude of different testing companies, products and supplements. Although everyone has their own journey and is entirely unique, we hope these product testimonials are useful to you as you continue to try new things to optimize your health.” – DrBonnie360

What are hyperbiotics?

Hyperbiotics makes a prebiotic powder that is simple to include in your daily routine. With virtually no flavor, one small scoop of powder is easily added to many foods and drinks! As a reminder, prebiotics are the food that encourages the growth of your beneficial microbes. They are made mostly of fibers, although not all fibers are considered prebiotic. Prebiotics are therefore very important in maintaining a healthy microbiome.

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The Hyperbiotics prebiotic powder is one of my favorites because it’s not another pill. Since it’s a powder, I can take a small scoop of and include it in virtually anything I want to consume. I’ve done many things with it — my favorite being a delicious smoothie bowl made with bananas, cherries, strawberries and almond milk, garnished with granola, flax seeds, cherries, banana and pear slices, sprinkled with honey.

I’ve never had any negative side effects using this prebiotic, and it has always helped relieved any constipation I was experiencing. Although I don’t use it everyday, I enjoy putting it in any smoothie I make. I even add it to water on days where I am feeling bloated or have stomach cramps. This small extra step makes my life a little better.

Becca Malizia, age 25 → lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive


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