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For more than 30 years, I visited countless doctors, received numerous, often confusing or conflicting, diagnosis, yet I nevertheless continue to fight my battle against autoimmune disease. Although I have yet to find my “optimal diet,” one thing has become clear to me–food does matter!

Even though I studied nutrition during dental school, nutrition has changed since then, and navigating this new world of autoimmunity and dieting has been complicated and hard. Based on a putative diagnosis of celiac, I went gluten-free over 10 years ago. About 3 years ago I went dairy-free, reducing my sugar intake as well.

Those three diet modifications: reducing gluten, dairy, and sugar, seem to be standard starting points in the world of autoimmunity. But why? Are they enough? Too much? Are these modifications actually best for everyone in a world where we continue to discover our uniqueness? What about our genes? What are the differences between the many autoimmune-specific diets?

In this guide we dig into these questions in hopes of alleviating your suffering and opening your mind and body to new ways of adopting food therapies for optimal immune health. May the following pages serve as a valuable reference for you on your journey towards finding your optimal diet for restoring wellbeing!


  • What makes you unique: genes, history, and microbiomes.
  • The importance and limitations of fiber, pre- and probiotics and supplements.
  • How to experiment with food as therapy for immune health.
  • Specific breakdowns of popular autoimmune diet protocols.
  • Dietary resources for optimal health.

A Guide to Food Therapy- pdf

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  1. I really like your writing and being exposed to new information I’m reading here that is helping me fill in the gaps as I learn about our “30 foot tube”. I know we have to earn a living, but my feelers go off when the length of the post is increasing to justify a purchase of something we can do on our own (probiotics for instance). My first layer of authorities don’t sell anything because of this.

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