Tips & Tools to Conquer your Chronic Disease

DrBonnie360's life experiences are far from mundane: she began her career as a dentist, then became a Wall Street analyst and consultant after a hand injury prevented her from continuing on with dentistry, and finally started Your Autoimmunity Connection when faced with the lack of resources available to herself and her family members as autoimmune patients. This winding trajectory in conjunction with her diagnoses has given her ample insight into how to manage autoimmune and chronic conditions with the curveballs life throws your way. Here DrBonnie360 introduces her eBook to help chronic illness patients like herself prosper and thrive.

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Happy Autoimmune Awareness Month, 2019!

Since starting Your Autoimmunity Connection back in 2012, we have come a long way! Hashtags like #spooniesstrong and #autoimmunewarriors have stood hand-in-hand. Especially with the booming social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, allowing us to build strong patient communities!

After a broken hand ended my practicing dental career, I became a Wall Street analyst and business consultant, until concern for my own diseases and the health of my grandchildren prompted me to start my own company.  Thus Your Autoimmunity Connection/DrBonnie360 was created in hopes of bringing awareness to the invisible epidemic of autoimmunity. In these callings, I am an advocate, speaker, researcher, and writer all while living as a patient with several  autoimmune diseases myself.

Desperate to take charge of my health, I have personally experimented with a number of different modalities of medicine: traditional, functional, alternative, holistic, nutrition, meditation,  alternative movement therapies, physical and occupational therapies, you name it. In addition to this, I’ve also tried countless supplements, medications, probiotics, and other herbal remedies.

What I present to you here is a aggregated ebook of the most useful tools and impactful practices I have used to thrive in spite of chronic disease (don’t get me wrong, I still have bad days, but I am no longer at the command of my symptoms). The content within this guide is drawn from everything I have researched, written about, learned and experimented with over the years.

I hope this collection can serve as a guide to you on your health journey.

What you will discover inside:

  • A guide to becoming CEO of your health- organizational steps and educational tips
  • A guide to alternative movement therapy options- placing an emphasis on breathing and stretching
  • A quick guide to food therapy- explaining food as medicine, dietary breakdowns, and important nutrient information
  • Quick tips for oral health- connecting the mouth to systemic disease and how to balance your microbiome

You are unique, there is no quick fix to being healthy, but you are not alone! Given the time and work you put in, you can successfully reach your health goals! It’s time to take charge of your health! So let’s get started…

How to Thrive with a Chronic Disease e-book pdf


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