Seeing Inside the Chemical Reactions of Our Body

Three main components lead to a better understanding of disease mechanisms and subsequently creating more effective treatments; genes, proteins, and metabolites.  But what are metabolites and what role do they play in human disease? What are Metabolites? Metabolites are small molecules produced by metabolic enzyme-catalyzed reactions occurring naturally in cells.

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Learning that Germs Can Be Our Friends

There are trillions of bacteria that make up the human microbiome.  How do scientists study all the bacteria, their interactions, and their effect on disease? What is Metagenomics? Metagenomics is a rapidly growing field of research that focuses on the study of the microbiome, overcoming the difficulties of sequencing, and

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The Other Human Genome – the Microbiome

Not all causes of disease can be explained by human genetics; there are trillions of bacteria in our bodies that can affect healthy gene expression and development – these bacteria are called microbes. Current statistics show that the number of researchers exploring the microbiome has increased exponentially.  As sequencing technology

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