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The Autoimmune Disease Continuum

Autoimmune disease is an umbrella term for the numerous diseases that affect the immune system. The overlap of symptoms makes them difficult to diagnose and understand. Continue reading to help bring the invisible epidemic of autoimmune disease into the limelight.

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A Dentist’s Thoughts on Salivary Diagnostics

             Salivary diagnostics may be a cheaper, faster and better way to diagnose certain diseases. Already effective in oral cancer and Sjogren’s syndrome, researchers are looking to expand the potential of using saliva. Blood tests and biopsies are invasive, expensive, and time-consuming to collect and

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(Part 2) The Data “Revolution” in Healthcare: Obstacles and Opportunities

Part Two: Healthcare Structural Issues (continued from Part One) By Ellen Martin First, let’s recognize the fundamental market disconnect between providers, patients and third-party payers like employers, insurance companies, and managed care. This detachment is a fundamental reason as to why healthcare is not a free market. The tax-advantaged, employer-provided insurance

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