COVID-19 vs. Flu Pandemic History

In Part Five, we provide historical perspective comparing COVID-19 to past influenza (and SARS) pandemics, discuss the rationale behind flattening the exponential growth curve through mitigation strategies like social/physical isolation, quarantines, shelter in place and lockdowns, and discuss the problems impeding rapid rollout of SARS-CoV-2 testing.

Background for the Immunocompromised and Everyone: COVID-19 trackers, the Pandemic, Coronaviruses, Epidemiology, Links to Other Resources: Part Four.

In Part Four, we link some COVID-19 trackers that visualize the global spread of SARS-CoV-2. We also offer a simple primer on coronaviruses and the basics of epidemiology statistics, particularly exponential growth.

Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic from China to the World: Part Three.

In part three, we provide an overview of the COVID-19 pandemic from November- March. We summarize what we know about the disease spread from its origins in Wuhan, Hubei, China, probably in November 2019.

COVID-19 Autoimmune and Immunocompromised Patients’ Stories, plus Functional MD advice. Part Two.

Part Two offers stories from the front about vulnerable autoimmune patients at risk of COVID-19 infection, and self-isolating at home. Plus, several functional MDs that specialize in autoimmune share tips for coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

Useful Basics for Autoimmune Patients About the COVID-19 Disease Pandemic: Part One.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is upon us, likely the biggest in the 21st Century so far. Given the internet-connected world we now live in, the amount of information, misinformation, even disinformation about the virus, the disease, its rapid spread and worldwide public health responses has been growing as fast as the virus itself!

Autoimmune-Friendly Non-Toxic Makeup Products

Those afflicted with autoimmune conditions know just how tricky it is to find makeup products that don't cause a flare up in your symptoms. Our team has looked into what exactly is behind this aggravation of symptoms, and what products you should use instead, to avoid this.

HLTH Conference II: Using Patient Reported Data to Reduce IBD Complications – SonarMD

With the immensely augmented prevalence of autoimmune and gut disease, we certainly need innovation in this field. SonarMD is producing just that with care coordination and therapeutic organization for patient of IBD. Check out our post to read more about how SonarMD is changing the gut health game.