Consulting & Collaboration

Diverse Perspectives, In-Depth Insight, Seamless Collaboration

We can help you achieve your goals (business development, communications, marketing, finance). We draw on four different expert perspectives (Industry, Analyst, Practitioner, Patient) to help you understand the market and competitive landscape and bridge the gaps that have frustrated advances in chronic inflammatory disease and (auto)immune care.


What We Believe

At Your Autoimmunity Connection, we have direct understanding of living with chronic disease(s). Unfortunately, today’s healthcare system is not designed to deal with the complexities and challenges of autoimmunity. DrBonnie360’s vision is a world where patients can access the best of conventional, functional, and digital medicine to achieve a future of healthy living.


How We Help

We assist our clients, through research, consulting and other professional services, to create and provide innovative products and services for people with chronic immuno-inflammatory diseases. Read our services to better understand how we can help you.


A Partner in Transformation

With our subject matter expertise, we can hit the ground running to add immediate value to our clients’ teams. In this manner, we help our clients shape their agendas and ultimately achieve their goals. Check out our partners page to learn about the individuals who have collaborated with us.



For businesses seeking solutions to improve chronic (auto)immune disease care and management, we offer consulting services, including but not limited to competitive intelligence and analysis, strategic market positioning, communications & tactical content, based on decades of subject matter expertise and hands-on experience.

Different people have different tastes. We understand that, and that’s why we have a team of talented writers to produce content to fit your preference. From fun blog posts to persuasive white papers, our writing styles can fit your specialized needs. 

We have subject matter expertise covering a variety of topics to help position your company as an authoritative industry voice. We will work with you to produce a white paper that fits your needs. Here are a few suggested topics, we can brainstorm others with you:

  1. Beyond the Abyss: Making the invisible epidemic visible.
  2. The evolution of digital health from point solutions to platforms to integrated with delivery.
  3. Digital Pharma: applications in drug development, clinical trials (recruit and match, screening, data management).
  4. The Oral Microbiome: a new frontier in microbiomics.
  5. The ripple effects of value-based care — an opportunity for digital health?
  6. Why is immunology 50 years behind oncology?
  7. Beyond the clinic: social determinants of health and individual lifestyle behavior change.

Please email or call us to schedule a free consultation with DrBonnie360 so we can discuss your white paper needs.

DrBonnie360 is an effective communicator who has spoken at events including TEDx, SXSW and Stanford Medicine X. Her areas of expertise include Big Data, Digital Health, Immune and Chronic Diseases, Gut and Oral Microbiome, and more. Explore her custom presentations to see the topics she has previously spoken on. We have also assembled, coordinated and spoken on panels at BIO, BioProcess, Health 2.0, SXSW, and more.