Using Tech to Create Personalized and Actionable Food Therapy

There seems to be an app for everything these days, but finally there are apps for autoimmune patients tailored to one’s own personal conditions, diets, and health issues! Click here to discover exciting new technological advances for personalized food therapy.

A Deep Dive into Diets
Comparing Autoimmunity Suggested Diets

In the world of autoimmune disease, diet stands at the front lines of tackling uncomfortable symptoms. In this article, DrBonnie360 breaks down some popular diets that have more implications beyond the hype of trendy culture.

Three Diet Hacks You Can Start Today
How to Determine What Works for Your Diet

Food might be the quickest way to our hearts, but a lot of times it goes through some unpleasant bowel movements before it gets there. Click here for three quick tips on how to find the best foods for a diet unique to you!

Systemic Diseases and the Oral Microbiome
The Mouth's Influence on the Heart, Lungs, and Everything Else

How the mouth leads to broader systemic diseases

Dr Bonnie360 explores how the oral microbiome interacts with the rest of the body, a possilbe mechanism for how gum disease may cause systemic diseases.

Spotlight on Scleroderma

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Anna Simon, Ellen M. Martin Obtaining appropriate diagnosis, effective treatment, and quality care for autoimmune and chronic conditions is often quite challenging. If you have experienced such struggles, then you are not alone. Statistics show…